Who are we?

Our ministry exists to REACH students for Jesus Christ, to CONNECT them with other Christian students, to help them GROW in their faith, to provide opportunities to SERVE, and to WORSHIP God.
Everything in our ministry is geared toward accomplishing the above mission. We desire to see students' lives changed, and our goal as a ministry is toward that end.

We invite you to jump in and take part in the adventure!

What's coming up?

As a ministry, we believe in providing opportunities for students to connect, grow, and serve.  With that in mind, we plan a variety of events and programs throughout the year to help our students do just that.  We hope you will get plugged into our upcoming events.

Follow the link to check out what's coming up in our student ministry.

Visitor's Center

Again, welcome to the Canyon Creek Student Ministry. Feel free to check things out. We realize that often questions come up like "Where do I go?", "When do I go?", "Who will I see?", "How can I get plugged in?", Etc. We want to help answer your questions. Follow the link to our visitor center to find out more information about our ministry.