Student Life at the Beach

What is Student Life @ the Beach?

Student Life @ the Beach is the Church at Canyon Creek Student Ministry's summer high school and middle school camp. It is for current 6th graders and up. Student Life @ the Beach is a God-focused experience that allows students the opportunity to worship while enjoying a fun beach environment. It brings youth groups together in corporate settings that are fun-filled, energetic and life changing, but it also provides a lot of time for students to strengthen old relationships and create new ones. On top of that, this week is designed to challenge students in their walk with Christ.

What's the Theme?

The theme this year for camp is "The Way". This is the term that was given to the early followers of Christ. They demonstrated complete obedience by fully trusting Christ and following him obediently. We will be looking at how we too can follow Christ completely.

Camp Highlights...

  • We will be staying at the La Copa Inn Resort in South Padre Island.
  • Our worship leader will be Charlie Hall!
  • Our camp pastors will be Greg Matte and Ben Stuart.
  • Awesome concerts with John Reuben and Decemberadio.
  • Meet and hang out with 1,000 students from other group.
  • Fun recreation... At the beach!
  • Get to know the people in our group better.
  • Hang out with awesome leaders dealing with relevant topics.
  • Spend a week growing closer to God!

Middle and High School?

That's right. This year, we are taking both our middle school and high school students to camp during the same week. Although both will attend, it will be specifically designed for each group to have its own individual experience as we have done in previous summers.

How Do I Sign Up?

There are only a few spaces left, so contact Mark or Dusty ASAP and let them know you want to come.