ATX- Student Weekend is a D-NOW style weekend where students stay in host homes and gather together for worship, biblical teaching, crazy amounts of fun, and more. Our desire is that students would encounter Jesus in a whole new way and begin living on mission in their schools, on their sports team and in the city of Austin.  We have collaborated with several churches and combined all our resources to pull off an EPIC weekend that your student won't want to miss. It is like summer camp in February!  ATX Weekend is a weekend retreat designed specifically for teenagers to grow in their relationship with God and each other. During ATX weekend  we have our students split into groups by age and gender in different host homes. It will be jam-packed with fun, friends, games, food, competition, worship, and God’s Word.

Check out this site for the citywide event...

How is ATX Weekend different than our typical Dnow weekend?

Our weekend will still include our small groups, host homes, group leaders and other elements that make our weekend special.  However, this year we will be joining 11 other churches in Austin to gather for incredible large group worship.  This will be an incredible event to partner together with other students and churches in our city.  Large group services will be held at Riverbend church.

When is ATX Weekend?

The weekend will be February 15-17. We will begin Friday evening and end on Sunday following our church service. 

What are some Highlights?

- Stay two nights in a host home in our area with others in our group
- Participate in a citywide gathering including 12 churches and 1600 people
- Worship with the Jimmy McNeal Band
- Dig into God’s Word with Pierre Cannings
- Hang out and get to know some of the coolest leaders around
- Participate in some friendly competition
- Hangout Opportunities (inflatables, rock wall, basketball, photo bus, food trucks and more)
- Experience a weekend that will allow you to meet people and make more friends
- Spend needed time learning more about God’s plan for each of us and taking steps to fulfill those plans in our lives

What do I bring?

BIBLE, a pen, journal or something to keep notes on, enough clothes for ONE weekend (casual is fine), clothes for church on Sunday (we will be wearing our DNow t-shirts on Sunday morning), toiletries (toothpaste, deodorant, etc.), some snacks for you and your host home, and finally, a great attitude!

What do I not bring?

Most electronics (iPods and cell phones are important to you, I know, but you won’t have a lot of time for them!), guns, knives, explosives, drugs, alcohol, or anything else that could get you into some trouble. If it’s questionable, leave it at home!

What's the cost?

The cost is $80 for the weekend.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is a snap… it’s a piece of cake… it’s so easy it shouldn’t even require directions… but for the sake of clarification, here you go!
Online registration is available RIGHT NOW!  To register online, click HERE.